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#ifndef race_objects
#define race_objects

#include "tile_enums.h"
#include "camera.h"
#include "sound_controller.h"

// TODO: puke... need I say more?

class Car
      Car( float x, float y, int id );
      virtual ~Car() { return; }

      virtual bool is_player()=0;
      virtual bool is_ai()=0;

      virtual void update(float)=0;
      virtual void show(int,int)=0;

      float get_distance_to_next_attractor(int,int);

      short points, last_race_points;     
      char next_race_start_pos;
      int id;

      char rot_count;
      float smooth_rot_x[10];
      float smooth_rot_y[10];

      float time_elapsed;
      float gravity_velocity;

      float dist;
      float old_dist;
      float best_lap;
      int control_points_passed;
      int control_points_passed_total;  // used for pos counting
      RaceCamera camera;
      SoundController sound_controller;
      bool end_race_ok;
      bool under_bridge;
      int   Frame;
      float rot_x, rot_y;
      Items last_item;
      float x, y, z;
      float speed;
      float accel;            // acceleration 
      float max_speed;        // max speed depending on the terrain 
      int   position;           // position in goal                 
      char angle_difference;
      int   angle;              // movement angle. 0...31 
      int   wanted_angle;       // the car should move in this direction 
      int angleDifference;    // difference between angle (move dir) and wanted_angle 
      int   c_angle;            // (help value) not "collision angle" angles are exchanged in collision between cars.
      int   slideDirection;       // clockwise or not
      bool sliding;           // if true: slows down speed and disables acceleration 
      int skid_mark_draw_time; // no need to draw skid's every frame
      int   bad_design_counter;     // creates sliding effect 
      double laptime_start;   // well...
      bool checktime;           // check the laptime if true 
      int   laps;               // laps completed
      int   p_num;                        // player number (1 or 2)
      bool bounced_from_wall; // won´t get stuck to "walls"
      bool in_goal;           // 

      bool dust;              // add more dust to the list
      unsigned int dust_time;
      unsigned int last_dust_time;
      float cp1_x, cp1_y;
      float dx, dy;
      char bounced_from;
      float update_dir_timer;
      virtual void update_frame(int)=0;
      float get_x() { return x; }
      float get_y() { return y; }
      float get_cp1_x() { return cp1_x; }
      float get_cp1_y() { return cp1_y; }
      float get_dx() { return dx; }
      float get_dy() { return dy; }
      int get_frame() { return Frame; }
      int get_wanted_angle() {return wanted_angle;}
      void set_pos(float _x, float _y);
      float get_speed() { return speed; }
      int get_angle() { return angle; }
      int get_lap() { return laps; }
      int get_p_num() { return p_num; }
      int get_position() { return position; }
      void reset();      // reset all values except points, car additions... 
      void reset_all();  // reset everything 
      void reset_shop_one_race_stuff();
      void move();  // called from race.cpp 
      void turn();  // called from player or ai update().
      void set_angle(int _ang) {angle = _ang;}
    void bounce_from_walls();
    void bounce_from_objects();
      bool get_rotate_dir(int,int);

// the functions called from turn()  

      virtual void update_wanted_dir()=0;
      virtual void update_extras()=0;  // rocket engine, tires etc. (shop stuff)
      void update_move_dir();
      void update_check_points();
      void check_current_tile();
      void update_sound();

// the functions called from check_current_tile() 

      virtual void update_object_speed()=0;
      void update_speed();
      void check_bridge();
      void check_ramp();
      void check_check_points();
      void add_dust();
      void collide();

// the functions called from set_move_dir() 

      char calc_angle_difference();
      void calc_slide_direction();

// these are called from somewhere else 

      void terrain_rotate(); // rotate car so it follow terrain.
      bool hit_check();
      virtual void reset_special()=0; // set ai attr. to first

      virtual void set_move_delta( float, float ); // hit check

      virtual void draw_speed_meter() {;}


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