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#ifndef race_misc_config
#define race_misc_config

#include <ClanLib/display.h>

class CarConfig;

class Config
      static bool load_config();
      static bool save_config();
      static CarConfig *cc;
      static float water_level;
      static float difficulty_level;
      static short race_length;
      static short final_positions;
      static std::vector<std::string> selected_tracks;
      static std::vector<std::string> names;

      static short screen_width;
      static short screen_height;
      static short num_players;
      static short num_ai;
      static short num_cars;
      static short save_texture;
      static int selected_theme;
      static int sfx_on;
      static int music_on;
      static int random_theme;
      static bool abandon_season;
      static bool mirror_fill;
       // true: flip every second texture to make seamles (good for i.e. plasma based textures)
       // false: no flipping
      static bool big_road_texture; // todo
       // true: use one texture as road (makes texture blurry)
       // false: make a exact mesh where texture is repeated. (not blurry unless texture is blurry)
      static int terrain_resolution;
      static char screen_resolution;
      // KEYS
      static CL_Key one_player_key_gas;
      static CL_Key one_player_key_brakes;
      static CL_Key one_player_key_left;
      static CL_Key one_player_key_right;
      static float road_speed;
      static float terrain_speed;
      static float skid_speed_decrease;
      static float no_gas_speed_decrease;
      static float brakes_speed_decrease;
      static float update_dir_timer;
      static char tyre_grip;
      static CL_String theme_path;
      static CL_String theme_name;
      static bool in_editor; // TODO: remove?
      // SOUND
      static float engine_sound_radius;
      // TRACK
      static char tile_size;
      static char map_tiles_x;
      static char map_tiles_y;


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