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#ifndef race_tile_map
#define race_tile_map

#include "attractor.h"
#include "start_pos.h"

class tileMap
      void load_map( CL_String );
      int get_tmp_map(int x, int y) { return tmp_map[y][x]; } // TODO: txt_map would be a better name
      int get_tile_id(int x, int y) { return map[y][x]; }

      int get_data( int x, int y ) { return data_map[y][x]; }
      int get_tmp_data( int x, int y ) { return tmp_data_map[y][x]; }

      int get_attractor_x(char num);
      int get_attractor_y(char num);
      int get_num_attractors();

      CL_String get_filename() { return filename; }
      CL_String set_filename(CL_String str) { filename = str; }

      CL_String filename;

      // set  

      void set_map(int x, int y, int val) { map[y][x]=val; }
      void set_tmp_map(int x, int y, int val) { tmp_map[y][x]=val; }

      void set_data(int x, int y, int val) { data_map[y][x]=val; }

      // smooth 

      void smooth_no_borders();

      // load 

      void load_track( CL_String filename );

      void load_drive( CL_String filename );
      void load_drive_new( CL_String filename );

      void load_data( CL_String filename );
      void load_start( CL_String filename );

      void load_numbers( CL_String filename );
      void save_numbers( CL_String filename );

      // misc 

      std::vector<Attractor> attractors;
      std::vector<StartPosition> start_positions;

      bool has_pit() { return pit; }

      float track_record;
      CL_String track_record_holder;

      int tmp_map[40+1][40+1];   // map loaded from file 
      int map[40+1][40+1];       // final "rounded" map 
      int tmp_data_map[40+1][40+1]; 
      int data_map[40+1][40+1];  // trees, walls, buildings 

      bool pit;   

#endif // header_map

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