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#ifndef race_player
#define race_player

class Car;

class Car_Player : public Car
      Car_Player(float x, float y, char id, short p_num );

      virtual void show(int center_x, int center_y );
      virtual void update(float);

      virtual bool is_player() { return true; }
      virtual bool is_ai() { return false; }

      virtual void update_wanted_dir();
      virtual void reset_special();
      virtual void update_frame(int){}

      virtual void update_object_speed();
      int get_current_position();

      void check_out_of_map();

      void shoot();
      void update_sound();
      void play_engine_start();
      virtual void draw_speed_meter();

      virtual void update_extras();

      bool start;
      bool draw_start_highlight;
      int start_highlight_time;

      bool out_of_map;
      float out_of_map_start_time;

      int end_position; // once player has reached goal this value is showed by
                        // the position counter.


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